so, there’s a couple things you should know about me.

I swear I was coffee in a former life, I never turn down an opportunity to travel (literally, ever), and my anthem is 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' by my girl Whitney.

now that we’re acquainted, let’s get real:

I hate to be cliche and say “I love love”….but I do, I really do. but the real kind (I know, give me a second, this is not a Nicholas Sparks novel). the genuine, dancing in the kitchen, safe, raw kind of love. that’s why I chose to start capturing it 2 years ago. once I realized that I could take these moments, put them in a jar and save them forever, a passion grew. I strive to capture the full you, completely authentic; I want you to see yourself how others see you, not posed and stiff but laughing and blushing and dancing. the most lovely, honest version of yourself.

now that you know a little about me, I’d like to make a toast:

here’s to the people that pursue their passions at full force and dance through life.
here’s to the ones that are ready for all things.
here’s to the those that relentlessly love.
here’s to the wild hearts.